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It was a mixed summer for Jason Bateman. Though Horrible Bosses, which was released this past July, was a critical success and made over $200 million at the global box office, his second entry of the season, the R-rated body switching comedy The Change Up, was slammed by critics and couldn't even make its money back internationally (it only made $47 million worldwide on a $52 million budget). But just in case the latter film left a bad taste in your mouth, Bateman is coming back with two brand new indie projects.

Variety has learned that Bateman is now in final talks for both The Longest Week and Disconnect. In the first project, which is set to star Bateman's Change-Up co-star Olivia Wilde, Bateman would play Conrad Valmont, a man-boy who has spent his entire life living off of his parent's money. But over the span of just seven days, Conrad's life completely falls apart. The project is being written and directed by Peter Glanz, who made the short film A Relationship in Four Days on which the feature is based. Wilde will play Sabine, Conrad's love interest.

Disconnect, on the other hand, is an ensemble piece directed by Henry-Alex Rubin. The project follows a group of people that had their life destroyed by modern communication. Should Bateman sign on, he will join a cast that already includes Alexander Skarsgard, Michael Nyqvist, Colin Ford, Frank Grillo, and Andrea Riseborough. Bateman will play Ford's father in the movie.

Between these two projects and the upcoming I.D. Theft and The Insane Laws, Bateman is staying seriously busy. Both The Longest Week and Disconnect will go into production later this fall.