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I guess being in one of those terrible Spy Kids movies is the price you have to pay to be in one of Robert Rodriguez’s more interesting movies. Jessica Alba is in Machete and now THR says she’s been roped into Spy Kids 4. I’d feel bad about this, if she’d done anything good… ever. But before Machete her last eleven movies have an average Rotten Tomatoes score of 25%. Even as bad as Spy Kids generally is, Spy Kids 4 may still end up being one of the best things Jessica Alba does this decade.

So we know Jessica Alba is in Spy Kids 4. How will Robert Rodriguez continue to milk this franchise even though the kids who used to be its stars and its audience are now grown up and even though the 3D gimmicks which carried the last one are now worn out and done better by pretty much every movie with even the most modest of budgets? Reboot!

Yep, they’re recasting the whole thing and starting over. Jessica Alba will play a retired spy and mother reactivated into the spy game. According to Moviehole she'll be playing a character named "Jessica Wilson", mother of a baby and step-mother to two pre-teens. Presumably she'll be forced to bring them along with her into the spy game. New actors will be cast as her steps, and they’ll be the new Spy Kids,

Some of the cast from the original movies is likely to show up, just to make sure no one calls this a creatively bankrupt remake. So look for Antonio Banderas and the now adult Vega and Sabara in supporting roles while Jessica Alba and her soon to be cast brood take center stage in Spy Kids: Redo. I hope Adrien Brody doesn’t get roped into this. At least it’s not Sharkboy and Lava Girl.

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