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Fresh off her second Oscar nomination and a long string of roles that prove she can do just about anything, Jessica Chastain is finding yet another way to stretch her talents. Variety reports that she's the latest actor to join Crimson Peak, the next project from director Guillermo del Toro that's described as a haunted house thriller. A long list of impressive names have been added to the cast in recent days, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Charlie Hunnam and Emma Stone.

Though a haunted house thriller feels like a far cry from Chastain's Juilliard training and Zero Dark Thirty role, she's already worked with del Toro once in a spooky story, starring in this year's surprise horror hit Mama, which del Toro executive produced. Because it came out in the doldrums of January Mama didn't get a ton of attention, but it's currently the fourth-highest grossing film of the year, with a solid $127 million worldwide take on a $15 million budget. It's proof that, yes, Jessica Chastain really can do anything. There are no details on her role in Crimson Peak just yet, but there's truly no telling what kind of part she's in for. A ditzy Southern belle? A punk rock bassist? A terrifying CIA agent? An idealized mother from the 50s? She's done it all!

Crimson Peak isn't set to start shooting until February of next year, but we don't have to wait long for del Toro in the meantime-- he'll be back, along with Hunnam and another amazing cast, for Pacific Rim this summer. Chastain, no longer in every fifth movie that comes out, is currently only scheduled to ,a href=http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Jessica-Chastain-Colin-Farrell-Sign-Liv-Ullmann-Miss-Julie-35421.html>team up with Colin Farrell to star in Liv Ullmann's Miss Julie-- though given the rate at which she usually works, I wouldn't expect her schedule to stay so open for long.

(Jessica Chastain image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)
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