Jim Carrey And Cameron Diaz Together Again

While you were out grilling things in observance of Labor Day (a holiday ironically celebrated by taking a break), Jim Carrey and Cameraon Diaz were planning their next project... together!

Yep, Variety says Carrey and Diaz will reunite for the first time since The Mask in a movie for Pursuit of Happyness director Gabriele Muccino. The film is A Little Game Without Consequence, and it casts Carrey and Diaz as a perfect couple pranking each other by pretending to have a massive break-up. Ok, maybe they're not so perfect.

Once broken, they find out that everyone thought they were crap together anyway. Will they dump their jerk friends or will they dump each other? Whatever happens, with both Jim and Cameron in the movie expect an excessive amount of mugging.

It might however, be interesting to see them paired on screen again. When The Mask exploded Jim Carrey was already on his way to being a major star, but Cameron Diaz was a nobody. The Mask really pushed her into the public consciousness, and without it, and without Jim, today she'd probably be just another unemployed model.

Actually, it's funny. I genuinely liked Cameron Diaz in The Mask. She understated and sexy as Carrey's bombshell love interest. What happened to that actress? Since them, Jim Carrey has struggled to be taken more seriously while Cameron has morphed herself into a skanked out, spastic, spazz. She's almost female version of 1994 Jim. Any minute now she's likely to start talking out of her ass. What will happen when they're put back together?

Josh Tyler