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Before we begin I think it should be known that I asked my cat if he'd be interested in directing Star Wars: Episode VII, and as of press time he has not said no. I'm taking that as a tacit yes, though it's unclear if talks with Lucasfilm and Disney have begun.

As you can tell, I'm already a little exhausted by the Star Wars director speculation game, since unless it's Quentin Tarantino getting really cranky, all of the answers from major directors have either been "no way" or "I could consider being interested." No one seems to be openly campaigning for the job, Lord knows nobody at Disney is giving us a sense of who they might pick, and I continue to argue that it doesn't really matter who directs it, anyway. But we have three years to kill until a director is actually hired, so the speculation continues anyway.

And it took a pretty interesting form over at, where Erik Davis made a passionate argument that Joe Johnston-- director of The Rocketeer and Captain America-- should take over the franchise. From there The Huffington Post's Mike Ryan picked up the baton and actually contacted Johnston to ask him what he'd think about taking the job; Mike had interviewed Johnston earlier this year for a tribute piece about Star Wars, and Johnston is more than just a fan, but was model builder on the original Star Wars. George Lucas paid his tuition to the USC School of Cinema, for god's sake. Johnston credits Star Wars for his career… so would he be willing to take it over?

"A lot would depend on what 'it' is. I am very glad to see Lucasfilm cranking up to get productive again, regardless of who ends up doing it."

That's the definition of a non-answer, and right along the lines of what we've heard from most people who have been asked about it (except for good ol' Tarantino). Johnston would be a good candidate to take over the series, though, and his background with Lucas and in special effects could make him especially well-suited. But there's still a long distance to go between hoping he'll take it over and actually seeing it happen.

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