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John Moore In Final Negotiations To Direct Die Hard 5

It's been a weird, wild ride finding out who would be directing Die Hard 5. The search began in February when it Bruce Willis said he was actively looking for a new helmer for the series. Almost immediately after that, it was revealed that Noam Murro, director of Smart People had landed the gig. Then a few months passed and it was announced that Murro would actually be ditching Die Hard 5 in favor of 300: Battle of Artemisia. Back to square one, Fox released a list of names they were considering for the director's chair, including Nicolas Winding Refn, Joe Cornish, Justin Lin and John Moore. Today they finally made their decision.

Deadline has learned that John Moore has been selected and is now in final negotiations to helm Die Hard 5. Bruce Willis is set to return as hero John McClane and though there aren't any specific details about the story, production will take place in Russia. The script was written by Skip Woods, who is best known for writing X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The A-Team, Hitman and Swordfish. Fox was attracted to Moore because he would not only "bring [the project] in on a budget and a tight schedule" but pleased Willis as well. Deadline says that the studio also looked into Gary Fleder, Paul McGuigan and Mikael Hafstrom to direct the sequel. Moore's previous films include Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix, and Max Payne.

So what do we think, people? Are we happy that John Moore is directing Die Hard 5? Do you think that he's the right man for the job or should Fox have gone with someone else? Leave your thoughts, feelings, concerns and complaints in the comments section below.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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