Johnny Depp Back In Bras

According to… well I'm not sure who it's according to. There's more sites than I can sort through to credit. Let's just go with CB Reader Devon McKinnon, who sent in the story to us this afternoon with enough corroborating links to verify that it's probably true.

According to this great guy Devon, Johnny Depp is about to get back in drag. The sites that originated this story, one of which may or may not be somehow attached to MSN phrase it as "Johnny Depp is set to shock fans by playing a woman stripper in a new movie." Clearly the good folks at wherever this came from have never seen Ed Wood.

The film is another Burton project, this time the story of real life actress/stripper Gypsy Rose Lee. Born in 1911, she worked in vaudeville, burlesque, and even in television where she hosted her own show in the sixties. For Depp to play her would be… odd to say the least. Unless of course he was kidding. Said Depp, "The other day I said to Tim that I would shoot anything with him. "And he said: 'Well, next I'm going to do the Gypsy Rose Lee story. "I said, 'Can I play Gypsy Rose?' And he said, 'Yeah.' So I said, 'I'm in!'"

Joking or serious? You be the judge, but it sure would be nice to see Johnny back in a dress and sensible pumps. He's gone halfway there with all the makeup on Captain Jack, but a return to crossdressing would be a great way to remind everyone that he's Johnny Depp, not poster boy Ben Affleck.