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If it seemed like you just heard about Martin Scorsese directing a documentary about the late reggae musician/drug addict Bob Marley, it’s because you did. Katey reported on it a few months back. It turns out that Jonathan Demme is actually going to direct the film now.

So, what happened? Is Katey just some sort of huge liar? Hell no. According to HR it was actually due to the always suspicious “scheduling conflicts.” Scorsese is super duper busy and Demme is just sitting around with his thumb up his rectum, apparently. When not sitting around with said rectum thumb, Demme has previously directed music documentaries like Heart of Gold, about Neil Young.

The movie has the support and cooperation of Marley’s still living family members including his son Ziggy who is an executive producer. Demme does have quite a bit of time to get things movie, since the release date is planned for February 10, 2010, which is Marley’s 65th birthday….if he were still alive.