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Disappointing news in the world of superheroes today as we learn that Jonathan Nolan, skilled writer and baby bro to Christopher Nolan, will not be making his directorial debut on WB’s Superman reboot. When it was announced before that Jonah may have a shot at the gig, it was apparently nothing more than the fans taking hold of the plausible idea that he may possess the same skill as his brother.

This all comes from an article over at, which encourages you to think of all of this as a rumor for now. It also suggests that the man in position to direct is David S. Goyer. Sure, putting Christopher Nolan in the producer’s chair will probably ensure that this latest Superman will be watchable, but why not give the job to his brother? The argument is that he has had zero experience directing a film, but why would you give the job to someone you KNOW makes terrible movies? Blade: Trinity, The Invisible, The Unborn? Seriously?

Reportedly the honchos think Goyer’s learned from his mistakes, but I tend to not believe that. Like Jonah, he is a very skilled writer, but giving Superman to Goyer will garner a Ratner-esque result.

The good news, apparently, is that Christopher will be offering Brandon Routh a screen test. However, the Dark Knight director is worried that hiring him would confuse people into thinking that this reboot has something to do with Superman Returns, which it absolutely does not. I would love to see Routh back in as the Man of Steel, but Nolan has a pretty good point.

As far as I’m concerned, Nolan producing will get me to the theater, but the offer to Goyer would put the "skeptical" on me and that won’t be shaken until I see the finished film. Superman himself is already my least favorite and most boring superhero, and while I did enjoy Superman Returns, Goyer is the best way to make me not give a shit about this reboot.

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