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Josh Gad Is Writing A Gorgeous George Biopic, So Classic Wrestling Fans Rejoice

For a while now, the fact that WWE Studios even existed has been a running joke for those who follow the movie business. It looks like that just might change, as Josh Gad is in the middle of bringing the story of "Gorgeous" George Raymond Wagner to the big screen.

Variety has the scoop that Gad has wrapped production on Beauty And The Beast, and between now and his start date for Russ And Roger Go Beyond, it looks like he's working with writing partner Ryan Dixon to craft the biopic in the interim. Simply titled Gorgeous George, the films sounds like a cradle to the grave biopic that runs through the life and times of the famous wrestler, who started wrestling in his teens and wrestled all the way up to 1962 – just one year before his death at age 48.

What's particularly exciting about Gorgeous George isn't only the biopic angle to the project, but also the fact that Wagner's career spanned through an era of wrestling that we really haven't seen covered in film all that much, if ever, before. Reading into his history as one of the landmark "heels" in the industry, his act was to put on a snooty air of superiority to himself, only to cheat in order to get his way. Even his theme music was something to behold, as he would use "Pomp And Circumstance" as his entrance music, paving the way for performers to even more outlandish choices of music in the future. The video below should serve as enough proof of Wagner's personal prowess in the ring:

With a career that allegedly inspired the stage presence of both James Brown and Muhammad Ali, Gorgeous George's legacy has lived on for decades after his untimely death. To commemorate his life would be a great service to those who are enamored with the classic days of wrestling, before its big resurgence in the 1980's. With Josh Gad co-writing the film, the humor angle is more than covered – especially considering that Gad created the underrated NBC sitcom 1600 Penn. But balance is key to making a good biopic both interesting and informative, and we've got a feeling that Ryan Dixon just might bring that balance – though the two are attached to write the sequel to Twins, shockingly entitled Triplets, so it may be a case of two jokers keeping each other in check.

There's no planned release date for Gorgeous George, but you can see Gads work in The Angry Birds Movie on May 20, 2016. That is, if you're not even considering the though of renting Pixels on Blu Ray or DVD, starting this Tuesday.

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