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It’s been four whole days since the world ripped itself in two over the news that Ben Affleck will become the next Batman for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel. There have been torrential storms of backlash drowning almost all other news across the Internet (at least until everybody got a look at http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/Watch-Miley-Cyrus-Grind-Up-Robin-Thicke-VMAs-58575.html>Miley Cyrus’ awkwardness on the MTV VMAs last night). But not everyone was being a Negative Nancy about the casting, as The Hollywood Reporter found three examples of relevant Hollywood players coming to Affleck’s rescue. There weren’t only three positive things said about it, but they’re definitely diamonds on the rough, rough world of Twitter, where over 70% of the Batfleck-related tweets were of the negative variety.

First up is Joss Whedon, who knows a thing or two about superheroes having directed the most successful comic book movie of all time. I have a feeling Whedon’s opinion is powerful enough to get at least 5% of people flipping their opinions on Affleck’s involvement. Geek culture can be pretty fickle at times.

I think Whedon expresses exactly the sentiment that non-naysayers are feeling: if it’s a great script with a great story, then the pressure isn’t entirely on the actor within the batsuit. But seeing as how Snyder and co-writer David Goyer have arguably never been solely responsible for anything that was actually “great,” we might have to rely on Affleck more than anyone would hope for.

But what about actors that have actually played the caped crusader? What about the guys who faced similar WTF reactions from fans once they were chosen for the role? Both Val Kilmer, who starred in 1995’s Batman Forever, and Adam West, who starred in the wonderfully campy 1960s TV show, gave their bat-stamp of approval to the news, and West even had a little advice to give.

Meanwhile, Kevin Smith took the time to tell everyone that he has now made out with and has seen at least one Batman naked.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of well-wishing, there is still a petition at Change.org asking President Obama to get Warner Bros. to remove Affleck from the film - and it has already amassed over 75,000 signatures. There was also a petition started on the White House website, but it has since been taken down.

There’s no way Warners is backing down from this, so everyone should just calm the hell down now. Or if you’re going to keep complaining, at least make it funny.