Joss Whedon Won't Let The Villain Overshadow The Heroes In The Avengers 2

Thanks to the tease at the end of Joss Whedon's The Avengers, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been waiting with bated breath to see how the Mad Titan known as Thanos will be fit into the plot. At this point we known that the giant purple alien was the real mastermind behind Loki's invasion of Earth with the Chitauri, but that's pretty much where the information trail ends. There hasn't been any official announcement about the villain of The Avengers 2, and while it's assumed that it will be Thanos, the question has been dodged by the folks over at Marvel.

But while they are keeping their lips sealed about the antagonist's identity, now Whedon has opened up a bit about what we can expect. The filmmaker spoke with Empire recently, and when asked about avoiding sequel pitfalls he addressed the issue of not having the villain overtake what should be the plot's main focus: the heroes. Said Whedon, "I'm very excited about the villain, and have a lot to say about him. But if you watch my shows, the one thing I've never been very good at is guest stars, because I've always been interested in the ensemble. With The Avengers, I'm still most fascinated by them."

Another pitfall he's been working to avoid has been simply trying to top himself and the work he did on the 2012 blockbuster. Instead, the way the film works simply has to happen organically and can't be forced. "I know I will never make a moment as pleasing in a film as Hulk and Loki," Whedon told the magazine. "You can't chase that dragon. If you try to do exactly the same thing, the chances you're going to do it better are very slim, and the only reason for me to devote three years to making another Avengers movie is the hope of making a better one."

Unfortunately we do still have quite a while until we get to see what Whedon is cooking up for us, with The Avengers 2 getting ready for a May 1, 2015 release. Next up, however, we have Thor: The Dark World, which will be in theaters on November 8th. And who knows - maybe we'll get another glimpse of Thanos in that one.

Eric Eisenberg
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