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Fans of David O. Russell-directed movies starring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro will likely be ecstatic for the Joy trailer. Armed with the endearing eccentricity that garnered Silver Linings Playbook several Oscar nods and a Best Actress win for Lawrence, this biopic of inventor and entrepreneur, Joy Mangano serves up a different sort of quirky-flavored inspiration. Check out the trailer below!

In this debut clip for Joy, we’re provided with some surprisingly compelling insight into the life of the Miracle Mop inventor and Home Shopping Network pitchwoman, Joy Mangano. On the back of that cleaning concoction and other convenience items like Huggable Hangers, she built a home shopping empire with Ingenious Designs, LLC; a venture she sold in 1999 to HSN’s parent company for a substantial fortune, while remaining on board to this day as its president. While the film seems to carry elements celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of the American Dream, it is also clearly a dramatic showcase of Mangano’s personal trials and tribulations as a woman made to believe she had the simple destiny of meeting a nice man and becoming a housewife, who instead finds herself an embattled, but undeterred single mother. With a shotgun.

The trailer serves as an energetic montage depicting Lawrence’s Mangano through the years, going from a naively idealistic childhood to absorbing an array of indignities that life tends to throw at those with high expectations. Yet, despite the seemingly bleak barrage of misfortunes we see her endure, the spirit of the clip, on the back of The Rollings Stones’ "You Can’t Always Get What You Want," clearly shows that the film will carry an underlying irreverence that hearkens back to the tone that made Silver Linings such a surprising and inspirational success. Likewise, if this film manages to bottle that film’s chemistry and parlay it into a drama that carries a more poignant social message than that film’s story of a man idealizing a failed marriage, then this film could be an equally potent source of Oscar fodder come next year.

Of course, the entire foundation of this film rests on the idea that it has a happy ending and the Christmas bells crescendo, apropos to its targeted release date, seem to create a tonal momentum that, in showing more examples of Mangano’s fighting spirit, builds to an explosive climax of her firing a shotgun. (Which is certainly more dramatic than a bow.) Besides reuniting the celebrated Silver Linings family trio of Lawrence, Cooper and De Niro, those themes will also be helped by a solid supporting cast with players such as Edgar Ramirez, Isabella Rossellini, Virginia Madsen, Elisabeth Röhm and Diane Ladd.

Joy looks to use the power of influential sales techniques and the Christmas spirit to inspire impulse shoppers at theaters on December 25.

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