Jurassic World Rumors Suggest Jason Schwartzman Could Join The Cast

As has been established, Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World is already aiming at a big name cast, with Josh Brolin and Bryce Dallas Howard said to be attached to the project, but now another name has entered the rumor mill. Unnamed sources have reportedly informed Hypable that one of the actors being considered for a part in Jurassic World is none other than Jason Schwartman - though there are no details available about what kind of role he might play.

Should he actually be up for a part (you should definitely be taking this rumor with a grain of salt), the film would be the biggest project that Schwartzman has been a part of in his career. Since making his debut in Wes Anderson's Rushmore back in 1998 the young actor has largely stuck with indie movies, television and smaller-budget studio titles. Some of his most notable work has come in his collaborations with Anderson - with movies like The Darjeeling Limited, The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Moonrise Kingdom - and his next work with the filmmaker, The Grand Budapest Hotel, will be out next March. You can spot him in the credits sequence in the trailer below:

At this point in time we don't have any official plot details about the movie, though there have been some rumors that Trevorrow and Pat Crowley's screenplay begins back on the legendary Isla Nublar where Jurassic Park has actually managed to become the place that Richard Attenborough's John Hammond dreamed of in the first movie. Naturally, not everything stays peaceful and nice in the park as disaster once again strikes and a group of humans must try to survive. In addition to Brolin and Howard other actors said to be attached to the film are Iron Man 3's Ty Simpkins and Kings of Summer's Nick Robinson. With Universal Pictures scheduling the movie to come out on June 12, 2015 production is likely to start up some time in the first half of next year.

In addition to The Grand Budapest Hotel, Schwartzman will soon be seen starring in both the Alex Ross Perry written-directed indie drama Listen Up Philip (in which he will play the title character) and Tim Burton's Big Eyes. Next, however, he will be starring alongside Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson in Saving Mr. Banks, which will be out later this month.

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