This Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks will take on the Denver Broncos in the biggest football game of the season, and while we all expect a lot of the Super Bowl coverage to focus on star quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson, someone we might not expect to see more than once is Kevin Costner, who not only has a spot for his upcoming inside football drama Draft Day, but also for McG’s high-stakes action flick 3 Days to Kill. And you can watch that super-expensive 30-second spot above, in which Costner’s Ethan Runner puts his grimmest face forward in shutting down both terrorists and the confidence of his daughter’s new boyfriend.

The screenplay comes from the explosive imagination of Luc Besson, along with co-writer Adi Hasak, and luckily features a short conversation about football, making it nearly as relevant to the game as Costner’s other film. It should get soccer-hating U.S. viewers laughing, as Runner gruffly implies that the more global sport is not representative of "real football." Zing! And you can tell he’s not joking because he doesn’t smile. Ever.

This clip doesn’t dig into the details of the film’s plot at all, instead choosing to lay it all out as "Runner vs. Everyone Else." Our main man is an international spy who wants out, but of course has one more complicated mission to go on. After being injected with a mysterious concoction, he’s told that he has three days to catch one of the most dangerous men on Earth, or he will die. On the flip side, he also wants to reconnect with his estranged daughter (Hailee Steinfeld), and is taking care of her for the first time in ages, all while he’s hunting down the bad guys. I hope that boyfriend of hers has some thick skin.

Will this role reinvent Costner as a badass, Liam Neeson-style? Find out whenever 3 Days to Kill zooms its way into theaters on February 21. Below you’ll find the film’s full trailer, and don’t forget that even if you’re not in front of a TV, Fox will be streaming the Super Bowl and all of its highly anticipated commercials on their website, just in case you happen to be out T-boning a terrorist’s car by the time the game starts.

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