After years of trying to find financing, Kevin Smith is finally moving forward with his next film, Red State, a horror film based on the Westboro Baptist Church and their insane leader, Fred Phelps, but it's taking quite a while in the pre-production stage. Smith has said that he wants to have the film ready by this year's Sundance film festival, but with the event only four months away, he needs to work a bit faster. Perhaps today is the day he starts doing that.

Thank to the wondrous site that is Twitter, we now know that Kevin Smith has, at the very least, offered Kevin Pollak in the film. After receiving a Tweet from @jose_marinjr, who congratulated him on the casting announcement, Pollak responded "His offer still has that new car smell. How did you know...?" It's hard to garner from the response whether Pollak has accepted the offer or is merely thinking about it. Should he be cast, he would be joining a team which already includes the likes of Michael Parks (in the Fred Phelps role), Kyle Gallner, Melissa Leo, Dermot Mulroney, Michael Angarano and Steven Root. Pollak recently played a role in Smith's Cop Out, which could explain the offer.

Pollak is always a fun actor to watch and, despite his comedic background, has always shown a knack for for doing drama. Considering it's Smith behind the camera and the pen, it's hard to imagine that there won't be any levity in the film and we can hope that at least some of it's for Pollak's character.

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