Smith has floated multiple ideas for a third Clerks story, from a live theatrical show (potentially running off-Broadway) to a standard film. Now Smith has revealed (via that he’s thinking of putting together a fan-inspired book that would come before the sequel, building up the mythology of his characters before committing to an actual sequel.
“I want to do Clerks 3 as a book first. I want to them in episodic chapters so that as I release it, people can read the whole thing and see what it looks like. I get to go inside the characters heads and tell year-one origin stories. The first chapter is Dante and Randall meeting in kindergarten."

Now, Smith has to realize – as a Star Wars fan – that giving fans what amounts to a prequel is a bad, bad idea. And I’m not sure that I want to see how Dante and Randall met. But I’m wide open to the idea of Smith continuing this series – a la Richard Linklater and his Before films. And I also fully support all of Smith’s entrepreneurial endeavors, be it with live shows, podcasts, television shows and much more.

Here’s Smith on the future of television. He talks Clerks around the 12-minute mark:

This could just be Smith spouting off to an outlet that put a microphone in front of him. Or he could actually have solid ideas in place for a book that will lead into Clerks 3. He’s always dreaming, and sometimes the ideas stall at that stage. We’ll keep you posted, but tell us, if Smith put out a Clerks 3 book, would you but it?

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