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Kevin Spacey Smokes Pot And Forgets To Shave

Kevin Spacey is taking a break from big budget flops to star in a new indie drama where he’ll get totally stoned and then stop bathing. I am so there.

The movie is something called Shrink, and in it HR says Spacey will play a psychiatrist to the stars. His patients will be played by actual stars, celebrity ones, not the twinkly ones. Word is that folks like Robin Williams, and then some other less famous people like Saffron Burrows will be involved in sitting on his couch.

Finding out which celebrities want to sleep with their mother will not however, be the plot of this movie. It focuses on Spacey’s headshrink character who has trouble dealing with a recent personal tragedy. In response, he becomes a chronic pot smoker, gives up on caring about his appearance, and though it’s not mentioned in HR’s story, I suspect at some point he comes into possession of a rug that really ties the room together. Also there’s something in this plot synopsis about him losing confidence in his ability to help his patients. I guess that means he’ll be too busy self-analyzing to attend Lebowskifest. Dude, suck it up and drink a White Russian.