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Kristen Wiig Finds Herself Behind Bars In Girl Most Likely Poster

Girl Most Likely

If it's starting to seem like Kristen Wiig is everywhere lately, it's because she kind of is, or she will be soon. as the comedic actor has a host of upcoming roles. In her post-SNL (and post-Bridesmaids) days, she's played a recurring role in the recently-debuted season of Arrested Development, and is expected to be seen in the Anchorman sequel, and heard in the sequels for Despicable Me and How to Train Your Dragon. Also coming up is Girl Most Likely, a film that actually made its debut in Toronto last fall, but is finally making its way into theaters later this summer. Which means, between this one and Despicable Me 2, we'll have a double-dose of Wiig this July.

The new poster comes courtesy of EW and shows us Wiig looking a bit lost behind bars next to a beauty queen who looks like she's seen better days (or nights), while Wiig stands awkwardly in her old gym uniform. The story follows Wiig's character Imogene, a playwright who suffers a nervous breakdown and - after staging a suicide attempt - ends up being cared for by her estranged mother, played by Annette Bening. That series of events brings her home to Jersey and puts her in the company of her mother, her mother's boyfriend, played by Matt Dillon, and another character, played by Glee's Darren Criss.

We're used to seeing Wiig in comedic roles, but this one looks like it throws a bit more drama and human emotion into the mix, which could really give her an opportunity to flex her acting talents. Girl Most Likely heads into theaters July 19. Check out the trailer below.