All signs point toward everything being awesome for The LEGO Movie. The reviews are looking good, the buzz is positive and from Fandango's numbers, the movie is the online ticketing service's second biggest advance ticket-seller among animated films, coming in second behind Toy Story 3.

While LEGO didn't manage to surpass the Pixar film, it did inch ahead of Frozen, Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University at the same point in the sales cycle. That's an impressive feat, given that both Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University are sequels of very popular animated movies. It's less surprising as it relates to Frozen. As massively successful as the Disney film turned out to be, buzz leading into its release wasn't nearly as huge as it became once people started seeing it and talking about it... and then seeing it again.

Fandango says The LEGO Movie represents 67% of this morning's ticket sales. They went on to drop a few bullet points based on a survey they did among more than a thousand LEGO Movie ticket-buyers:
· 97% have played with LEGO at one time in their lives;
· 89% say the trailers and movie clips they have seen online influenced their decision to see the film;
· 75% claimed they’re taking the whole family;
· 72% pointed to LEGO Batman and the film’s other pop culture characters as increasing their interest in the movie.

Yes, people love LEGO. I have a nephew who lives and breathes LEGO so I know the kids still love the toys, and adults who grew up playing with them also share a fondness for them. Factor in kids love for the toys, nostalgic appeal, the family-friendly nature of the movie, the evident effectiveness of the trailers, including Batman's appeal, the really positive reviews -- our own Sean O'Connell gave it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars and Rotten Tomatoes has it at 98% fresh currently -- and it's looking like The LEGO Movie stands a good chance of coming out on top this weekend.

Fandango notes that LEGO has scored a 92/100 on their Fanticipation movie buzz indicator. George Clooney's film Monuments Men is doing well among adults with 79/100....


If Fandango's Fanticipation meter is any indication, we'll see The Monuments Men and The LEGO Movie at or near the top of this weekend's Box Office list. It's also worth noting that Vampire Academy, which also opens this weekend, is lingering near the bottom of that list, beneath Frozen and Ride Along. There are plenty of fans of Richelle Mead's novel who are surely eager to see the film, but whether or not that's enough to give the film a solid opening weekend remains to be seen.

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