Everything is Not Awesome As Andy Samberg Apologizes For LEGO Movie Song

Once The LEGO Movie became a hit back in 2014, I’m convinced that at any given moment, a lot of our brains were bumping the animated film’s theme song “Everything Is Awesome” out of nowhere. That’s just what life was like back then, and have we truly ever come to grips with it? I mean, that song was nominated for an Oscar too. It was a huge deal, and the kind of ear worm that took multiple rinses to shake off. Hey, at least Andy Samberg is owning up to it.

The Hot Rod star rapped on the “Everything Is Awesome” track with his Lonely Island crew and the duo Tegan and Sara. Here’s what the comedian had to say when he was given the space to address the giant LEGO piece that’s been lodged in our heads for years now:

Yes, I do apologize for that. Especially to everyone out there with kids. That’s a hard row to hoe. But we didn’t write the hook, you know? We inherited it and we just added some dumb raps.

It’s a solid apology, but it has a caveat. Andy Samberg and Lonely Island did not write the hook, a.k.a. “Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team...” bit. The SNL team of writers handled the rap bits featured in the end credits of the movie starring the talented Chris Pratt. Samberg makes a good case, considering that’s the main part of the song that’s been sitting in the background of our heads, but his name is still on the writing credits.

To be fair, “Everything Is Awesome” is supposed to be annoying. Those who saw the movie know that the song is used as a tool to show Chris Pratt’s character and the conformist society that has him “following the instructions” day by day instead of doing his own thing and being his own LEGO. But when the movie became a hit, the song started finding a life of its own, especially among young audiences.

It had a similar effect to Frozen’s “Let It Go,” because the song had started defining the movie so much that some people didn’t want to give it a look because they’d already grown tired of the song. Andy Samberg, of course ,had no way of knowing “Everything Is Awesome” would become such a big deal, but it’s fun that BBC Radio 1 forced a little apology out of him anyway. You can relive The LEGO Movie music video here:

Anyways, we can’t be mad at Andy Samberg for long considering he recently made one of our favorite movies of 2020, Palm Springs and is on set filming his final season as Jake Peralta with the Brooklyn 99 cast. Now, good luck getting that out of your head today. Maybe try “Call Me Maybe” to drown it out, that one seems to usually work.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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