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A new day, a new comic book adaptation announcement. Maybe it’s just me, but when the hottest movie news is coming from comic book conventions and superheroes rake in the most box office cash, there’s something seriously wrong with the film medium. Movies are no longer about ideas, emotions or experiences; they are merely escapism at the hand of masked men. At least most of the popular comic book franchises have been picked up and we’re getting into the “indie” tier of books that have more substance behind them. The latest adaptation announcement that promises a bit more depth is that the Disturbia director and writer team of D.J. Caruso and Carl Ellsworth will be spear heading “Y: The Last Man,” according to The Hollywood Reporter

The comic book follows the exploits of a young man, who is the only male survivor of a mysterious plague that killed off the gender. With the help of his pet monkey, who also happens to be male, he sets out to find the cause of the plague. Back in my comic book days, I picked up a couple issues of “Y: The Last Man,” and I must say that the story is intriguing. It offers a look at gender roles and sexism, while creating a sensitive and human male main character.

Unfortunately, the crack squad of filmmakers that New Line has picked doesn’t instill the utmost confidence in the project. With Disturbia, Caruso proved that he can point a camera at the action and Ellsworth proved that he’s good at ripping off stories like Rear Window. But maybe it’s not so bad after all, both seem good at copying things. Ellsworth can rip the dialogue straight from the book and Caruso can use the book as his story boards. Just point and shoot fellas.

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