Latest Star Trek Into Darkness Character Posters Show Off Sulu And Carol Marcus

Star Trek Into Darkness Carol Marcus poster

We’re not sure how much action Carol Marcus is going to get in J.J. AbramsStar Trek Into Darkness, but because the bulk of the cast has been earning their own action-packed character posters, our latest has Alice Eve’s beauty brandishing a cool weapon as she stares down an evil threat in the upcoming sequel.

At least it isn’t as gratuitously revealing as the picture that often pops up when you Google Eve’s name with Into Darkness:

Alice Eve Underwear

Shortly after Carol Marcus dropped, we also scored a new Sulu poster. Here’s how John Cho looks in character:

Star Trek into Darkness Sulu poster

If you have been keeping track, then you know that one character who has yet to receive a poster in Great Britain is Simon Pegg’s Scotty. Now reveals that the reason is because there is an ongoing “Search for Scotty” contest going on the UK. Ten of the following posters have been strategically hung around the country. If you find them, and are able to share them, you could be eligible to win tickets to the world premiere of Abrams’ anticipated sequel … which is happening in a few days.

Star Trek Scotty

Marcus, as Trek fans know, gets credit for inventing the Genesis Device … and for giving birth to Kirk’s only son, David. But that was in a different timeline, and it’s possible Abrams and his crew have come up with a more exciting plotline for Eve to explore while she’ll playing this new version of the classic Trek character. And maybe this gun-toting character poster is an indication of what’s in store. We’ll know soon enough. The movie opens in the U.S. on May 17.

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