Les Miserables Movie Soundtrack Available For Purchase And Download

Those who just can't wait until Tuesday to see Les Miserables when it arrives in theaters for its Christmas release might find the soundtrack for the film to be a perfect way to pass the time between now and then. The album is now available for purchase and download.

Some might consider the soundtrack to be something of a spoiler if you haven't seen the film yet, particularly when you're dealing with a musical. But considering Les Miserables is based on a very popular musical, chances are there are a lot of fans who already know the words to many if not most of the songs featured on the soundtrack for Tom Hooper's film. Still, there's something to be said for hearing new versions of the familiar songs. For those who don't want to wait, click the image below to visit iTunes' page for the soundtrack or read further down to see where you can get it for an even better price!

iTunes has the album available for $15.99, which is a bargain when you consider that the soundtrack consists of 20 tracks, most of which should be familiar to those who've heard the songs from the stage musical on which the film is based. There's also the original song, "Suddenly," which is sung by Hugh Jackman's Jean Valjean. Some prefer iTunes for their music purchases, but you might consider getting this one at Amazon (opens in new tab), which currently has the digital download for the album set at the low-low price of $5. The CD is also available for purchase for $11.99 (opens in new tab), which is still a better deal than iTunes.

Les Miserables arrives in theaters December 25. More information, photos and video can be found in our Blend Film Database

Kelly West
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