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London Has Fallen Trailer Takes Carnage And Chaos To The Global Stage

When Olympus fell, it apparently landed on a giant stack of cash. When that happens it means it’s sequel time. But how do you up the ante for a sequel when you’ve already destroyed the White House? Well, you go overseas and blow up some of their shit. It’s been there longer, so it’s a much bigger deal when it comes crashing to earth. Check out the new trailer for London has Fallen.

All of the major world leaders from across the globe are in one place. Why? The trailer from Fandango doesn’t say, but we know it’s to attend the funeral of the Prime Minister of Great Britain. "It is the most protected event on earth" the voice over is sure to tell us. If that’s not an invitation for terrorists to attack, then I don’t know what is.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what happens. A terrorist wants to execute the President of the United States as a show of strength against the west, and only one man can stop him. That one man is once again Secret Service Agent Mike Banning as played by Gerard Butler. Aaron Eckhart returns as the most unlucky US President ever, and Morgan Freeman is back as the newly promoted Vice President of the United States.

If nothing else, the new setting gives the filmmakers a larger playground to set up in and knock things over. Much of the film appears to be a chase movie where Butler and Eckhart attempt to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. This should give Eckhart more to do than just play hostage, and since the events of the first film, hopefully he has received his own basic combat training. Dare we hope to have the most ass-kicking President on screen since Harrison Ford in Air Force One?

All of this is assuming of course that the movie ever actually comes out. Originally set for release one month ago, it was first pushed back to January at the beginning of the summer. It’s now been pushed back again, and the trailer lists March as the new release date.

Olympus Has Fallen was a solid hit, but not a runaway smash by any means. It’s not clear this was a movie anybody was waiting for a sequel to, and the continued delays combined with the fact that nobody wanted to direct the thing to begin with do not make us hunger with anticipation.

Now, a sequel to White House Down where Jamie Foxx has been named Secretary General of the United Nations and Channing Tatum is the personal security for the American UN Ambassador before terrorists take over the building? Where’s that movie?

Dirk Libbey

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