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In 1987, a little movie came out from director Paul Verhoeven called Robocop that launched the Dutchman on a path of American film making that, while marked with a few blemishes, generally is pretty solid. Now that Hollywood feels the need to reboot every movie in existence, Robocop is getting a refresh at the hands of MGM and director Jose Padilha, taking the reigns from Darren Aronofsky.

There was a lot of murmuring about whether or not the movie would get made at all after Aronofsky left, but production is nearing which means casting is afoot. According to Twitch, MGM has set their eagle eye on Chris Pine to take the lead role. Calm down, this won’t be all bad, and shouldn’t be very surprising. First, people don’t go to the theater to watch movies about a 40-year-old (the age original Robocop Peter Weller was in ‘87) robot cops, they go to see a svelt 30-year-old dude do anything. Skewing towards the younger audience is something we should have expected. Next, Chris Pine is a solid actor. He hasn’t been given the chance to really prove that, but he shows some good range in Star Trek and gets his hands dirty in Carriers.

He’s a pretty boy, there’s no getting around it, but he’s a pretty boy with some decent chops and a huge draw in the current market. Of course, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t rather see a more rugged dude like Sean Bean or Viggo Mortensen in the role, just that we shouldn’t get our panties in a bunch just because MGM has their eye on Pine, who hasn’t been offered anything yet anyway.

The one thing to worry about though is that if they’re thinking of making this play to skew in the female audience, they may be planning on leaning towards a PG-13 release, and since the original was a hard R, this could be upsetting. Nothing is official on any of these, but we’ll have our ear to the ground so check beck frequently for updates.