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This piece in London's Daily Mail about Madonna planning an upcoming directorial project is so British, full of so much slang and insider references to royalty, that I pretty much don't even know how to read it. Apparently Madonna is planning to make a movie about two British royals, Prince Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson (who became the Duke and Duchess of Windsor), and she got Guy Ritchie's help to make it--sorta.

Of course, being that this is a story reported in a British tabloid, there's no telling how likely this film is to actually be happening. It also sounds a little too bizarre to be true. Apparently the main character of the film is a woman named Wally WInthrop, who is the granddaughter of Wallis Simpson-- maybe-- who falls in love with a security guard at an auction for items belonging to the Duchess of Windsor. It's also about the Duke and Duchess themselves, of course, in extensive flashback scenes. Seriously, the Daily Mail doesn't make it sound any more coherent, but you're welcome to take a look at it yourself. I'm going to wait for confirmation from some other source before we start worrying that we'll have another Filth and Wisdom-level disaster on our hands.