With The Avengers already out there and Prometheus coming soon, a lot of comic book and sci-fi fans might think their summers have peaked, with only the now-distant promise of The Dark Knight Rises leaving them anything to look forward to this summer. Personally, I can't help but pity them-- my most anticipated movie of the summer is Magic Mike, it's coming out on June 29, and every time we get a look at it, it looks all the more awesome.

Take this new clip that kind of turns into a trailer by the end, which premiered at MTV in advance of their movie awards this Sunday. It's raining men, indeed….

Even if you're not especially into male strippers-- and trust me, no one is really into male strippers-- you have to admit the dancing here is kind of amazing, as is Matthew McConaughey's soon-to-be-immortal line "I see a lot of lawbreakers in the room tonight." Magic Mike isn't my most anticipated summer movie because I just want to see shirtless muscular dudes-- we have Warrior for that-- but because it looks like a hell of a lot of fun, a bachelorette party put up on the screen for everyone to enjoy.

Alright, you don't have to share my enthusiasm. Just acknowledge that while other people might get pumped about superhero movies or The Expendables 2, I choose to support what looks to be the cinematic equivalent of a dance party.

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