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Movies, much like the weather, used to operate on strictly seasonal patterns. It used to be that you would have a separate season for prestige pushes and another season for big ticket tent-poles, with crap shoots scheduled in the off seasons in between. But as the market has gotten more and more crowded, studios have became bolder and bolder with scheduling their ringers for seasons where they normally wouldn't "belong". This counter-programming strategy seems to work to a certain extent, with Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel being an excellent example. The film was released this past March, and managed to clean up. With a trailer that invokes cinema classics before it, and a musical refrain that already sounds like it's ready to be conducted by William Ross, James Gray's The Immigrant looks like it's ready to make a name for itself just as the summer box office is heating up.

Yahoo broke the trailer today, the film telling the story of Ewa (Academy Award Winner, Marion Cotillard), an immigrant from Poland who comes to America in 1921 with her ill sister, only to be separated at Ellis Island. With her sister in danger of being deported, she'll do anything to give her sister the freedom they left home searching for. This is something that Bruno (Academy Award Nominee, Joaquin Phoenix) looks to exploit and Emil (Academy Award Nominee, Jeremy Renner) looks to inspire. Torn between love and survival, Ewa's story looks to be one that will at the very least be memorable.

Watching this trailer inspires the feeling that you're seeing something grand unfolding before your eyes. This is very surprising considering the director has made films such as We Own The Night that looked pretty good in the trailer, but ultimately lacked that certain something to sold you on actually seeing the picture. This trailer is the complete opposite though, as his golden trio of actors inhabit a film that looks like it could have been made decades ago. This looks to be a feat of cinema the likes of which we see ever more rarely with each passing year.

The Immigrant opens in limited release on May 16th, and in case the music in the trailer has you captivated enough to wonder what song is is, you're in luck. The song is called "Exodus", and was composed by Wojciech Kilar back in 1981. It's not original music from the film, but if the film's composer drew inspiration from this piece, then we should be in for a bit of a treat.

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