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Why has no one ever thought of this pairing before? Liv Tyler and Marisa Tomei, both brunette actresses with solid careers behind them, are teaming up for Chul-soo Park's psychological thriller 10A/10B, and it sounds like a perfect match. Not that the movie is necessarily guaranteed to be great, especially since it's the first English-language film for South Korean Park. But it's about time two actresses got to be the stars of a thriller, rather than teenage girls or some man stealing all the attention.

Park will be making the film as a remake of his own 1995 Korean film, 301/302. I'm assuming they've changed the title so that no one thinks it's somehow two combined sequels to 300, though I would love to see the confused comic book fans wandering into this one. Variety doesn't say who will be adapting the script, but I imagine there will be a lot of studio tinkering going on. If it gives better parts for Tomei and Tyler, though, I'm all for it.