Just yesterday it was announced that a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is going into development, possibly with Glee creator Ryan Murphy at the helm. Needless to say, die hard fans were quite angry with the news, not wanting the Hollywood machine to trample one of their favorite properties. Well, today another cult classic is getting closer to being put through reboot hell.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Mark Wahlberg has been offered the lead role in the remake of Alex Proyas' 1994 film The Crow. In addition to being a goth superhero movie about a man who comes back from the dead to seek revenge on the people who killed him, the movie is famous for the on-set death of star Brandon Lee, who died when a gun mishap occurred on set. Nick Cave has been working on the script and Stephen Norrington has been tapped to direct.

We've known about this project since last October, and I know I say this kind of thing a lot, but why do we need a remake of The Crow? The original stands fine on its own even today and it's not as though the massive fan base wants to see it. This feels like a cheap ploy to make another dark, gritty superhero flick and audiences are not going to buy it. It would seriously be in Wahlberg's best interest to not make this movie.

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