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Matt Damon's Gus Van Sant Drama Could Be Heading To Universal

If this story plays out, Universal could be taking a major step toward mending the rift between the studio and former Jason Bourne, Matt Damon.

Vulture says Uni is “in negotiations” to distribute the untitled corporate salesman drama Damon co-wrote with John Krasinski (The Office) and author Dave Eggers. It’s the latest shift for the gestating project which, at one point, was going to serve as Damon’s directorial debut. But his commitment to the sci-fi thriller Elysium as well as some rumored personal problems prompted Damon to pull out of the director’s chair. He’ll still star, but his Gerry collaborator Gus Van Sant stepped in to helm the “Capraesque” feature.

Then, Warner Bros. bailed on the production, even though its budget is reportedly locked in at a measly $15 million. But that departure opened to door to Universal’s possible involvement. Now, that move could have longer-term effects on other Damon projects. For instance, if the studio does right by Damon and helps properly distribute his passion project, he might be inclined to return to the Bourne franchise he helped turn into a global sensation. As of right now, Jeremy Renner’s set to lead the next Bourne thriller, with Tony Gilroy in the director’s chair. A healthy, rejuvenated relationship between Uni and Damon could be the safety net the studio needs in case audiences don’t take to a new super spy.

And in the short term, Universal’s involvement simply means we’re one potential step closer to seeing Damon’s project in theaters, and that sounds like a win. Damon and Krasinski co-starring in a Van Sant drama penned by Eggers? Seriously, sign us up.

Sean O'Connell

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