McG Directing Wonder Woman?

It seems that Charlie's Angels wasn't enough girlpower for director McG. The guy currently in charge of the Terminator. franchise now has his eye on the golden lasso, according to Their source at Warner Bros. is saying that McG is very interested in directing the Wonder Woman movie, though of course, nothing is official yet.

I know there's no real use in bitching about what could have been, but seeing a mainstream director like McG land this project makes me all the more curious about what a Joss Whedon version would have been like. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer was well on his way to making his own Wonder Woman movie, but like everything in the poor guy's career these days except Dr. Horrible, it all fell apart. Clearly this is going to be the kind of studio tentpole with no room for quirk like Whedon's, which is why the entirely bland McG will get the job instead.

IESB is anxious to point out that McG's name is just floating around-- they could be considering him, he could be signing paperwork as we speak, or he could just be lobbying for the job. But it makes sense to choose him, and I would be very unsurprised-- and bored--to see him get the gig in the end.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend