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Mel Gibson Unenthusiatic About Lethal Weapon 5

We needed someone with a little bit of sense to put an end to all these rumors of a Lethal Weapon 5, but who would have guessed that person would turn out to be Mel Gibson? The man better known for making movies in dead languages and sexually harassing police officers spoke up from wherever he is these days, and said it's pretty unlikely he'll get dragged back for a fifth Weapon film.

MTV got the scoop, quoting Gibson as saying "I couldn’t imagine going back there to try to revive that one. I think we got everything we could out of it.”

Of course, no one with the potential to make millions will ever say "never," but Gibson got about as close as you can: "Of course these things always come around. Five though? Five?!? Please.”

Let's breathe one big sigh of relief that at least one good idea will go undisturbed, provided Danny Glover takes Gibson's cue and stays far, far away from this mess. Mel, we might even see another movie in Aramaic, we're so inspired by this moment of good taste. Keep it up, sugar tits.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend