Meryl Streep Demands Sex From Tommy Lee Jones In Hope Springs Trailer

Meryl Streep is fresh off her third Oscar nomination, while Tommy Lee Jones is stuck glowering his way through the unwanted third Men in Black movie this summer, but the two will be brought together by the kind of movie that really brings us all together: the romantic comedy. In Hope Springs, set for release this August, Streep and Jones play a relatively happily married couple who still like each other but don't seem to express it all that well. Rather than coasting into her golden years, Streep's character decides to take action, and forces her husband… well, see for yourself what she forces him to do in the trailer below, which premiered at Moviefone.

At one point in its development Hope Springs looked like the ultimate Oscar bait, uniting Streep with another actor up to her level in Jones, plus Steve Carell going for some post-Office credibility. Now this trailer and the summer release date make this look a whole lot lighter, and the credit "from the director of The Devil Wears Prada' seems to pretty much say it all. Granted, Streep got an Oscar nomination for Prada-- and for another late summer release, Julie & Julia, but I think you can probably stop wringing your hands about Meryl picking up a fourth Oscar for this one.

So with Oscar hopes pretty much irrelevant at this point, can we look forward to Hope Springs for other reasons? I do like the idea of seeing Jones in a movie where he's being likable and not just totally gruff all the time, and Meryl's terrible haircut aside, she seems to be having fun here too. Carell doesn't have much of a role in the trailer, but I'm betting he gets some meaty stuff in there-- this was a coveted role, and you don't bring in the likes of Carell just to have him stand on the sidelines. By the time Hope Springs comes out in late summer, a little romance with some surprise thrown in might be exactly what they need.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend