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In all my years of religiously following film, I have never seen any take the path that the Arrested Development movie has. Some actors say it's happening, other actors say it's not. Some actors say that it's ready, some say that it is still years away. Even stranger is the fact that the film's fan-base (of which I am proud to say I am part of), is happy to hear anything about the film, regardless of whether the news is good or bad. With that in mind, this news crawls in neatly between those two extremes.

On the interview circuit for Youth In Revolt, Michael Cera was asked by MTV about the project and told them that, while Hurwitz said writing began in October, there is no script yet and that they are working on an outline. According to Cera, Mitchell Hurwitz has put the project on the backburner while working on another project, but is hopeful that it can be done next year.

This story leaves me with three feelings. The first is that Cera has been a Negative Nancy every time he has been approached about the project, so journalists might want to stay away from AD questions lest they encourage fans to swallow a shotgun. Secondly - Mitchell Hurwitz has other projects? Someone needs to tell him that he has one project and perhaps, if he is resistant, slap him around a bit. And lastly, believe it or not, this is good news. Everyone involved wants to do it, every fan wants to see it, and something is being done about it. Fret not followers, you will be able to blue yourself and make huge mistakes in no time.

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