Mila Kunis Talks Family Guy Movie

After the success of The Simpsons Movie, there’s been nonstop talk about which will be the next big, adult, cartoon franchise to make the transition into feature film. Odds on favorite is without a doubt Family Guy and Mila Kunis, who voices Meg Griffin on the television show, recently talked to Moviehole about what it’ll take for the show to make the big screen jump.

First and foremost, Kunis says there probably will be a movie and when there is she’ll be involved. Unfortunately, from the sounds of it Family Guy: The Movie won’t be happening any time soon. She says, “It takes so much longer to put a cartoon together, and make it into a film, and make it relevant to when it comes out. It’s like, six years. It’s incredibly time-consuming.”

Kunis’s comments fit with those made by series creator Seth MacFarlane several months ago. Everyone involved seems to want to do the movie, and everyone seems certain it will happen eventually, it’s just that no one actually has the time to work on it. It took The Simpsons nearly 20 years to finally get a movie done. Kunis says their problem is much the same as The Simpsons saying, “I mean, Simpsons—God bless `em for doing it. It’s incredibly exhausting to put a movie out.” If Family Guy is on the same track, then Family Guy fans can expect a movie some time around the year 2020.

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