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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Johnny Depp released a new movie, and American audiences placed it on the "Pay No Mind" list.

Depp’s latest film, Transcendence, banked a meager $11.1 million over the weekend, good for a fourth-place opening on the box office charts. Depp’s new film couldn’t beat Captain America: The Winter Soldier in its THIRD week. It couldn’t even top Greg Kinnear’s sappy Heaven Is For Real (which is dreadful).

We got up this morning and crunched the numbers. This isn’t a blip for Depp. It’s the new norm. American audiences are largely tuning out Depp’s movies, from The Lone Ranger to The Tourist. Even his last stint in the Jack Sparrow role was a significant drop from previous Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

So this morning, in the Monday Movie Memo, we break down the state of Johnny Depp’s movie-star career. Is it in a rut? Completely over? Give a listen, then weigh in with your own thoughts below.

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