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Monsters, Inc. Looks Terrifying In This Prometheus-style Trailer

What would Monsters, Inc. look like as a horror film? This fan-made video throws a Prometheus spin on the beloved Pixar film, to show us the scarier side of Monsters, Inc..

For a film about monsters who make it their business to fuel their world with the terror of young children, Monsters, Inc. isn't particularly scary. Sure, it has some moments that might make the little ones cover their eyes, but over all, Mike (Mike Wazowski!) and Sully are funnier and sweeter than they are scary. The video above succeeds in stripping said humor and sweetness away, working in a darker tint to the otherwise colorful setting, adding some unsettling Prometheus-style music and sound effects and then letting the movie do the rest. All of a sudden, Monsters, Inc. is starting to look a lot less cheerful. Celia flopping down on the floor near the end was a really nice touch too.

Via MTV, the above video comes from Youtube user The Unusual Suspect, who also put together this Man of Steel-style trailer for Toy Story.

In the case of Toy of Steel, the trailer's less about changing the tone and more about showcasing the heroic efforts of Buzz and Woody. I'm going to admit, it's actually pretty moving. To infinity and beyond!

But what if Toy Story were a horror film? YouTube user Bobby Burns put together that scenario here...

Remixing trailers to give them a new look and tone has become a popular trend on Youtube, particularly with Disney movies. And there've been some great ones out there, including the Up Michael Bay remix, and the somewhat disturbing Fifty Shades of Grey-Frozen trailer.

Check out the Frozen Horror remix after the jump...

And see what The Incredibles would look like as a Christopher Nolan film next...

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