Though Pixar did a remarkable job building up the universe of professional monsters in the original Monsters, Inc., they're managing to seriously outdo themselves based on our early looks at Monsters University, the prequels coming to theaters this summer. Every new trailer or TV spot has featured some wildly colored and new beast (a cuddly beast!), and though the focus of the story is on Mike and Sulley and the early days of their friendship, it wouldn't be a Pixar movie if there weren't a ton of side characters to look forward to as well.

If you want to go ahead and start picking favorites, you can start with this new one-sheet, which premiered over at Nerdist. The whole Monsters U class is crammed together for a big class portrait, and there's not a normal set of teeth among them. Take a look below:

Though you might not know any of these characters by name, you'll recognize a lot of the voices once the movie comes out. In addition to Billy Crystal and John Goodman reprising their roles as Mike and Sulley, the likes of Ricky Gervais, Frank Oz, Helen Mirren, Ben Kingsley and Dave Foley will all be enrolling in school-- or, at least, voicing characters somewhere in that universe. Monsters University is coming to theaters on June 21, a familiar prime summer spot for any Pixar movie, and one that ought to guarantee it just as much success as all the others. No, it's not another original Pixar movie, but it at least looks a lot more promising than Cars 2, right?

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