Ever since Cars 2, just saying the words “Pixar” and “sequel” together can make a spine twinge. But Monsters University is definitely on track to change that, especially considering Monsters, Inc. was so much more beloved than the original Cars. Mike and Sully made being scary one of the funniest things of 2001, and now they’re making college funny. Because there was nothing funny about college, right?

Walt Disney Studios released a full-length UK trailer for Monsters University, ending the monstrous fear that all these teasers have just been a mirage. Not only does it reveal a stunning array of great jokes and sight gags, but it sets up the story perfectly, pitting Mike and Sully against one another in a battle to see who can scare the best, and presents it in a natural way that doesn’t reek of contrivances. And all the new characters! Why am I even still talking about it? Watch it below.

Unlike live action sequels with stars who age, stars Billy Crystal and John Goodman are allowed to thrive as monsters without vocal or physical pre-dispositions. Mike can be just as silly and zany and one-eyed as he ever was, and Sully can be a slightly more immature version of a behemoth, and the audience can pay attention solely to the solid humor around every dark corner.

My top three moments have to be Mike’s student ID card, the mother listening to her tunes, and the football field gag, though the slug was just as funny as the writers and animators knew it would be when they conceived it. If Motley Crüe absolutely has to appear in the movie, so be it.

Monsters University comes to theaters June 21 this year. For everything else we know about it right now, click here.

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