With Monsters Inc. returning to theaters in glorious 3D, it's a good time to start getting nostalgic about the 2001 Pixar hit-- for many us, the first film from that studio that really proved how brilliant they could be. But soon Pixar is going to be asking us to look even further in the past with Monsters University, a prequel that shows how best pals Mike (voiced by Billy Crystal) and Sulley (voiced by John Goodman) initially clashed when they arrived to college, and how a friendship emerged after all.

Monsters University won't be in theaters until June 21, but Entertainment Weekly is giving us a new look at the film with two new images from two very different points in the story: Mike's wide-single-eyed arrival on campus, and a frat party where he and Sulley get off on the wrong foot. Check out both images below and click to see them larger at EW.

As producer Kori Rae explains in the article, Monsters University gives the Pixar folks an opportunity to "show off their differences. They both approach life in different ways. Mike is the go-getter type, anything is possible, and he’s the super-hard worker. Sulley is different because he’s a great scarer, he has this natural ability, but Mike has to work for it.”

While focusing on the fraught relationship between the two characters, the Pixar people are clearly hiding the actual plot of the movie-- a tactic they use pretty often to keep the eventual direction of their movies secret. So while it might sound now like Monsters University is a very basic story about enemies who eventually become friends, I'm counting on something a little more action-packed to happen to Sulley and Mike-- and maybe even a return of the incredible action sequences that closed out Monsters Inc.. While it's not as exciting as a truly original Pixar film, Monsters University seems to have a lot going for it-- not the least of which is the exciting idea of a monster frat party.

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