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More Dark Knight Rises Set Videos Show Bats Setting The Streets Ablaze

One of the great things about action movies is that even seeing small snippets without any narrative context can provide enticement to see the film. The added benefit of The Dark Knight Rises is that most of us are already dizzy with anticipation to see it. Therefore it wouldn’t take much to pique our interest. But these video clips from the set of Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman outing go the extra mile; thanks to Coming Soonfor finding these YouTube treasures. These are not just shots of cast members milling about between takes or cameras being set up. No, first we get a vehicle smashing through a barricade and plunging to a sublevel of the highway…

Then we see that same vehicle charging through a gauntlet of explosions.

And, from another angle, we see that the perpetrator of all those explosions is a very familiar black tank.

How could anyone not be excited to see this movie?! These clips would suggest that Nolan will once again be incorporating a vehicular showdown into his Batman story. But the question remains, who is going to be driving that ill-fated truck? If Batman were firing at it, it would stand to reason that a villain is behind the wheel. But is it Bane? If the film incorporates any of the Knightfall storyline, Bane’s major story arc from the comic books, it could be a truck full of recently escaped Arkham Asylum inmates. In that storyline, Bane masterminds a mass exodus from the asylum and then watches as Batman systematically fights and recaptures all the inmates. When he is physically and mentally exhausted, that is when Bane shows up to challenge him mono y mono.

Whoever is behind the wheel, these scenes hint that the action sequences in The Dark Knight Rises will at least equal those in The Dark Knight, if not surpass them.