The Most Outlandish Thing From Robert Zemeckis' The Walk

For a film about a man walking across the distance between the Twin Towers, The Walk has something even more outlandish than Philippe Petit's legendary high wire act. Brace yourself, as James Badge Dale and Ben Schwartz are here to warn you in the clip below that their hair in the film is nothing short of the epitome of 70's fashion.

It's hard not to talk about the hair in The Walk, considering that the film is a complete 70's period piece, which plants the film square in the peak era of weird hair. Both Badge Dale and Schwartz were excited to talk and joke about the hair, especially Ben Schwartz as his experience with the hair was the rougher out of the two. Schwartz recounted his woes in the following statement:

When I went out and put on regular clothes, I looked so silly, and people would look at me like, 'What is he doing?' They didn't understand what I was trying to achieve. But in 70's clothes, it was, like, perfect.

After watching The Walk, and sitting down to talk to Badge Dale and Schwartz in person, it was hard not to do a double take when comparing the past to the present. Thanks to some stills from a couple of New York Times interviews conducted around the time of the film's production, we can see the disconnect that Ben Schwartz cited between modern garb and historical hair.

First up is James Badge Dale, a man who's played soldiers, secret agents, and cops – all of which had pretty normal hairstyles. So naturally, if you're used to his hair in something like 24 or The Departed, then his hairstyle shown below is going to shock you.


If Badge Dale's hair wasn't 70's enough for you, then you should get a look at Ben Schwartz's extremely interesting facial hair. While we're used to the clean shaven face of Schwartz on such shows as Parks And Recreation and House Of Lies, the facial component of Schwartz's look is something to behold. The secret to its form is that Schwartz grew out a full beard, which was then was shaven into the mutton chops / mustache formation you see below.


Much like the conversation about the hair of both James Badge Dale and Ben Schwartz, the respective roles of J.P. and Albert both add a humorous flair to The Walk's rather serious tone. The story of Philippe Petit's artistic coup, and the collaborators he took on to accomplish it is one that should be seen on the big screen, and you can currently see The Walk in IMAX 3D theaters nationwide.

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