Mr. Pricklepants And Dolly Get Toy Story 3 Character Posters

When Timothy Dalton was added to the cast of Toy Story 3, it was immediately clear that his character would be a stand-out amongst the new toys over at Sunnyside Daycare. Why? Because it's a character voiced by Timothy Dalton and it's a character named Mr. Pricklepants.

We have yet to hear him say a word in either of the first two trailers (though he has been present), but now we have a character poster, description, and 360 degree view! How can you not love this little German hedgehog?

Mr. Pricklepants is a charming hedgehog and the ideal partner for your favorite forest. This hedgehog with its green leather hose comes from the quality Waldfreunde collection and were directly imported from Germany. He may look like there are prickly, but he is made out of down so you can cuddle a lot. Drag your fingers through his hair to the spines back in order after the wash.

As a bonus, we also have our first look at Dolly, the new toy voiced by Bonnie Hunt who can be standing next to Mr. Pricklepants in the second trailer. Check out the poster and description below.

Dolly is a friendly rag doll and the perfect gift for every child. She has purple hair, big eyes, rosy cheeks and her soft little body and radiant smile make her one irresistible family. She comes with a beautiful blue dress, but with the included fabrics you can build a unique outfit for her.

Eric Eisenberg
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