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Relationships can be murder, especially when one of the parties involved happen to be a trained killer for hire. As luck would have it, Anna Kendrick is about to meet and fall in love with just that sort of man, as Sam Rockwell steals her heart – and kicks a whole bunch of ass – in the trailer for Mr. Right.

As if Anna Kendrick's Martha isn't scared enough by the fact that the man she's been seeing is actually with someone else, meeting other people while getting through that pain has been a disaster. Yet Mr. Right shows up in the form of Sam Rockwell's Francis – a hit man who's now killing those who would try to hire him. As the trailer released through Yahoo will show you, this pairing is a product of fate, and about to be forged by combat, as Francis has now become the hunted.

With Tim Roth and RZA playing key supporting roles as those who would kill Mr. Right, the casting in this film is most definitely on point. Even better, the action part of the film's events looks pretty badassed too, with both Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick getting in their fair share of hits against the opposition. So theoretically, even if the comedic angle of the film falls short, there's a good chance that the action will make up for it to a certain extent. Which is a good thing, because, unfortunately, the gags included in the trailer look like they're a little flat.

Most of the humor that's shown in Mr. Right's trailer is that of the goofy, romantic comedy variety that we're mostly used to. Anna Kendrick's character is a bag of cliches as she's being shown through her difficult coping phase, and Sam Rockwell looks like the usual charming, borderline sinister guy that we've seen in plenty of films before. So what's to suggest that Mr. Right will rise above the usual run and shoot romantic comedy? Well, again, seeing Kendrick and Rockwell beating the hell out of all that stand in their way goes a long way towards selling the film to a wide audience. Also, Tim Roth looks like he's ready to steal the film as he did in The Hateful Eight, so at the very least some witty wordplay is bound to break out between the numerous characters exchanging heavy amounts of gunfire.

Mr. Right will be available on VOD and Digital HD, as well as released in select theatrical showings, on April 8th – putting it in competition with The Boss and Hardcore Henry for the weekend's box office.