The Mummy Returns Again

It’s a given that anything that makes money is probably going to get a sequel. The Mummy Returns did really well several years ago, but I hadn’t heard much about the making a third film. The franchise was a lot of fun, but it seemed to have run its course. Apparently not.

One of the stars of The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, Oded Fehr, spoke with Movie Hole and told them that a third Mummy movie is already on the way. He knows this, because he’s been told he won’t be involved in it by the guy writing the script: “I’m not involved [in “The Mummy 3”]. The person that wrote it, created it, tells me they’re doing a third one.”

Does that mean it’ll be a straight-to-video sequel starring a replacement cast? Nope. Says Fehr, “I believe it’s only going to involve Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz’s characters, of the old movies, and everyone else [in it] is going to be new.” Well, that make sense since Brendan and Rachel were the stars of both films and Brendan is really what made it work. Still, Oded Fehr was a great part of the series too, and it’s a shame that he’s not coming back.

So Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz characters are in the script, but that doesn’t mean they’ve signed him. Brendan Fraser hasn’t been busy so they’ll likely have no problem getting him back. But Rachel Weisz just won an Oscar for The Constant Gardener. She might not be interested at all, and if she is they’ll have to pay a pretty hefty price to get her.

Reportedly, the script currently in development for the project has Fraser and Weisz helping their grown-up son fight off a new mummy.