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The Muppets Soundtrack To Include Smells Like Teen Spirit Cover

As far as the Muppets’ big comeback goes, the quality of the soundtrack could prove to be just is vital as the quality of the movie. In fact, given how musical the Muppets tend to be, the movie itself could hinge on whether or not the music has us entertained. Based on this list of songs for the film’s soundtrack, it looks like the music end of the film is covered.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the full list of songs and artists set to be featured on the soundtrack for The Muppets. The album will be made available on November 21st, just two days before the film hits theaters (November 23rd). As you’ll see in the list below, we’ll be treated to a few classic hits, including Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard,” and what appears to be a new version of “The Rainbow Connection,” along witt some new songs sung by the Muppets and the cast.

"The Muppet Show Theme" - The Muppets?"Life's a Happy Song" - Jason Segel, Amy Adams and Walter?"Pictures in My Head" - Kermit and The Muppets?"Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" - Paul Simon?"Rainbow Connection" - The Moopets?"We Built This City" - Starship?"Me Party" - Amy Adams and Miss Piggy?"Let's Talk About Me" - Chris Cooper?"Man or Muppet" - Jason Segel and Walter?"Smells Like Teen Spirit" - The Muppets Barbershop Quartet?"Forget You" - Camilla and The Chickens?"Rainbow Connection" - The Muppets?"The Whistling Caruso" - Andrew Bird?"Life's a Happy Song" - Finale Entire Cast?"Mahna Mahna" - Mahna Mahna and The Two Snowths

Who doesn’t like Starship’s “We Built This City”? That’s great and all, but a Muppet cover of “Smells like Teen Spirit”? Possibly inspired by the Muppets music video set to the classic Nirvana song and video? Possibly. Still, it's one more reason to look forward to the movie. If you need another, watch this Sneak Peek, which seems to be focused on the Muppets’ attempt to reclaim the glory and fame they once held so dear.

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