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Naomi Watts Signed For The Birds

Yesterday we brought you the wise words Tippi Hedron, former star of The Birds, who had harsh comments for anyone daring to remake a classic like her film with Hitchcock. Today, Naomi Watts is flipping her the bird.

Variety reports that Watts has finally signed on to star in Martin Campbell’s unnecessary, unstoppable remake of The Birds. We first heard about this story back in January, but it’s taken her that long to finally make up her mind. Now it’s official, she’s on board.

Except of course Universal isn’t calling it a remake, they’re calling it a re-imagining. Screw that, it’s a remake. Flowery words don’t make it better. Their remake is based on a new script written by a couple of soulless writers who can’t come up with their own ideas, and is directed by Martin Campbell who used to be the guy who directed some good Bond movies but will now be known as that jerk who remade a Hitchcock movie. Ok, it’s not even one of Hitch’s best movies, but it’s still a Hitchcock movie. Hands off.

No word on what part Watts will play in the new film, but if the characters are similar to the old one then there’s a good chance she could be playing Tippi Hedron’s characters. If she is, odds are she won’t be getting any tips from Tippi.