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Natalie Portman Named Forbes' Best Actor For The Buck

Natalie Portman's only film appearance in 2012 came as a still photograph in Joss Whedon's The Avengers - the actress dedicating her time to raising her newborn child - but her hiatus came after a period of being just about everywhere. Following her Oscar win for Black Swan in 2010, she released three new films in 2011 (No String Attached, Thor, Your Highness) and had two indies finally find their way into theaters (Hesher, The Other Woman). She has a decent 2013 planned, set to return as Jane Foster in Thor: The Dark World and play a part in Terrence Malick's Knight of Cups, but she is also entering the year being declared Hollywood's Best Actor For The Buck.

Forbes has published their annual list of the most bankable stars in the movie industry and Portman has taken the top spot, beating out a number of Hollywood's most popular actors. The list is calculated by taking the lead actor's salary for an individual film and averaging it against the amount of money that title makes. Portman led the pack with each dollar spent on her contract equaling $42.70 at the box office. The magazine says that the biggest factor in the actress' win was Black Swan, which not only earned her an Oscar but made over $300 million in theaters. You can see the rest of the top 5 below and head over to Forbes to see the full list (and head over here to see who they determined is the least valuable actor in film).

1. Natalie Portman - $42.70 for every dollar spent2. Kristen Stewart - $40.60 for every dollar spent3. Shia LaBeouf - $35.80 for every dollar spent4. Robert Pattinson - $31.70 for every dollar spent5. Daniel Radcliffe - $30.50 for every dollar spent

Looking at that list you may notice the flaw in Forbes' system. They assume that each movie the actors are in do well because of their presence, when the truth is that Twilight, Transformers and Harry Potter probably would have done just as well with other stars. But I'm sure every agent in the world loves this list simply because it's a perfect excuse to get a bigger payday for their clients.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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